Earth8ight Universal School Job Description

English educator (early childhood classrooms and after school programs)

Responsible to: Head of English Department & School Director
Job Summary:

Job Summary: Teachers at Earth8ight Universal School are committed to maximizing learning for all children that attend our school and associated programs. Teachers are required to plan and work collaboratively within the school teams, which are comprised of English-speaking and Japanese-speaking staff members.

As an English educator, teachers are responsible for instilling an ability to think critically and for developing early literacy skills for the young children. Teachers will become accustomed to the development of language acquisition in order to teach English beyond early childhood.

Teachers will model and facilitate children’s socio-emotional development and interpersonal skills. A joy for learning, an inquisitive mind, and boundless energy are essential.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher (preferably in education)
  • Full-time work experience in an educational field
  • Certification in educational studies
  • have a mental aptitude and desire to live and work in Okayama, Japan
  • enjoy working with a close-knit and small school community
  • continue to make efforts to learn Japanese in order to communicate with students’ families and with staff members.
  • have an advanced degree or other qualifications in a related field
  • genuine joy and investment for the age group that they are teaching
  • a commitment to personal and professional growth
  • an excitement in celebrating children’s development
  • an interest to be involved in various school community activities
  • multiple interests that they are willing to implement into children’s learning
  • communicate effectively and positively with the parents and families
  • adapt to change and remain flexible in their approaches
  • differentiate instruction based on student assessments to meet the needs of each learner
  • collaborate effectively with team members in order to plan for instruction

[How to apply]
To apply, please send your letter of interest and resume to Mari Sawa, Director of Earth8ight English Program at